About the online workshop

This free online tutorial provides instructions for tie dyeing t-shirts using a technique in which, using laboratory wash bottles, concentrated dye is directly applied to t-shirts. I have used this technique almost exclusively for the last thirty five years. It results in the type of common hand crafted tie dye sold in many stores and parking lots across America.

We will discuss…
* Materials needed for tie dyeing your own t-shirts
* Just a little on the chemistry of fiber reactive dyes and what makes them work.
* Soaking your t-shirt in soda ash water to raise the pH and “activate” the fabric.
* Various ways at foldin your t-shirt.
* Mixing a thickened and concentrated fiber reactive dye for direct application.
* Directly applying dye on shirts.
* Setting or curing your tie dyes.
* Rinsing and washing your tie dye t-shirt.

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