Applying Dyes

Tie Dye Application Instructions
Shirts are folded and your dye is mixed… it’s time to dye the tie dyes!!!

* Rubber or latex gloves
* Storage bags or tin foil for finished tie dye tee shirt
* Dispensing Bottles for dye application
* Mixed Fiber Reactive Dyes
* Work area with drop cloths, plastic, newspaper or other type stuff for dye containment.

What to look for in a squeeze bottle… control, control, and control. Any squeeze bottle will work to apply dye, but a bottle you don’t have to tip or hold upside down is best. I tend to dispense dye too fast and without good control from these type bottles. I use 250ml or 500ml Nalgene laboratory wash bottles. They are not inexpensive… they are made for laboratory and chemical applications. With detachable tapered tips, they can be widened by cutting a little of the tip off. Detach and flush tips and bottle with hot water when they clog or need cleaned. These bottles can be found in the tie dye supply section of our store.

Prepare your space…Use plastic, cheap water proof table clothes, newspaper, etc. You can also place a rack or grill over a shallow plastic cat litter type box. This method reduces excess dye going places on your shirt you may not want. Put the folded shirts on this or directly on newspapers.

Okay… fill your bottles up with each color and let’s dye!

By applying the dye in various combinations, one can create a plethora of color schemes using the same basic fold. That said, some combinations seem to work much better. Remember the color wheel? Rainbow combinations have always been my favorite. Let your imagination and personal tastes guide you.
DYE PENETRATION – Too little penetration and you will have lots of white on your shirt. Too much and you may have a solid color… brown. Look inside the folds to see your dye penetration. Pressing the dye into the shirt with your fingers or other object can aid dye penetration. Again, experiment see what works for you.
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