Mixing Dyes

WARNING! Adult participation is highly recommended when mixing fiber reactive dyes! Use in well ventilated area and all participants use a mask and gloves. AVOID BREATHING DUST. If you can smell it you are breathing it. Prolonged exposure is hazardous to your health. Art can harm you.

The good news is once the dye is in liquid form it is much less hazardous and can be safely used under adult supervision with children

*Fiber Reactive Dyes *Gum Thickener
*Soft Water *Blender
*Gallon Jugs with lids *Funnel
*Tablespoon *Plastic/Newspaper
*Respirator *Latex Gloves
*Old Clothes for wearing

FIRST THICKEN YOUR WATER USED FOR DYES – The water is used for mixing dyes and should be made beforehand to ensure the thickener agent dissolves correctly… leaving the mixture smooth and your bottle tips less clogged. Using thickened water is not required, but it helps to keep the dye edges from blurring… Providing definition and charactor. Not using it can result in dye spread with little definition on the edges of each color. It can be stored for future use… It’s best to make this the night before or earlier.

MIXING INSTRUCTIONS – Fill a clean plastic gallon “milk” jug with hot water. Sprinkle in 4-10 teaspoons Gum Thickener and shake well. Let sit several minutes and shake again. Repeat for an hour then let stand until smooth. If too thick, water down until desired viscosity is achieved. A blender can be used to quicken the process.

 ORGANIZE WORK AREA – Spread plastic and/or newspaper and arrange blender, dyes, water and other materials for ease of use. Keep in mind that if any of this spills it may not be pretty.

 MIX YOUR DYES – Repeat mixing instructions for each color you plan on using. Adult participation is highly recommended! Use in well ventilated area and use mask. AVOID BREATHING DUST. If you can smell it you are breathing it.

*Recommended measurements by color:

Turquoise and Black = 2-3 Heaping Tablespoons per cup(250ml)

All Other Colors = 1 Heaping Tablespoon per cup(250ml)

*The manufacturer will have their recommendations

MIXING INSTRUCTIONS – In blender, measure recommended amount of dye powder for every cup(250ml) of dye desired. Add liquid (1/3 Thickened Water – 2/3 Soft Water). Blend for a minute or until all clumps are gone and dye is smooth. Using funnel, pour into plastic jug. Keep lids tight to avoid spillage. Wash blender before mixing another color unless old color will mix well with new color.

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