Soda Ash Bath

Soaking Your Tee-Shirts in a Soda Ash Bath

WARNING! The soda ash solution is mildly caustic – it can irritate your skin. Wear gloves and eye protection. Rinse off at once to avoid eye and skin irritation. Final rinsing skin with vinegar will lower the Ph and neutralize the soda ash while removing the slimy feel.

*NOTE* If using new t-shirts, washing any sizing agents used to give you that “new” look is recommended. Put t-shirts through a full washing cycle using detergent and a little Soda Ash.

After soaking and wringing your shirts, keep them from drying out by placing them in a plastic bag or tub with lid. They should stay moist throughout the entire dyeing process.

* Soda Ash
* Warm Water
* Bucket or other tub
* Rubber Gloves

For every gallon of warm water use at least one cup of Soda Ash. Stir until dissolved. For 1-3 shirts one gallon should be enough. Use large tubs for bigger batches. Soak the shirts for at least 15 minutes. Take shirts out one at a time and wring well allowing excess bath water back into bucket. Place shirts in plastic bag or covered bucket. This will keep your tee shirts wet for folding. Soda Ash bath water can be reused over and over again till gone or too sour smelling for your senses.

The idea with the Soda Ash Bath is to get the Ph of your teeshirts at 10.5 or higher. Want to know why? See “Tie Dye Chemistry “

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