Tie Dye Folding

The design is in the fold!!!

Folding a tie dye takes practice. Be patient. Be creative. Have fun!

Folds (along with dye placement) determine the pattern achieved.

Try keeping the size of the folds even and consistent. The smaller the folds the tighter your pattern will be. Uneven larger folds next to smaller folds will potentially block dye from reaching and penetrating the smaller folds near them. This can lead to large areas of your shirt staying white because of poor dye penetration.

The rubber bands are only for holding the fold together. They should hold the fold as tight as possible without making the final folded shirt hard to handle. You will have to flip the shirt to dye both sides may fold in on itself then and anytime while handling. If this happens a fold may be salvaged by removing rubber bands, laying the fold flat again then re-banding with less tension.

There are two basic tie dye fold techniques used in this tutorial…

First, the accordion like slat technique.

and Second, the marble crunch technique.

With these two techniques you can achieve many different tie dye patterns.

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